The vitality of any institution evolves around its emblem the and in the vision of its founding brothers (Management). Narmada Nursery, a tiny seed sown in year 1978 has grown into a large tree and it has produced thousand of fruits. These fruits as (Narmada Nursery) students are being savored and cherished world over today.
Narmadalites, true to the meaning of the school emblem continues to be a source of inspiration to every one and guides the rhythm of the universe.


Every Narmadalite in the present and future is invited to know the meaning of the Emblem and to draw inspiration to be empowered by the same.
The colour combination of the school and its emblem is blue and white. Blue signifies royalty’’ and white stands for “Purity” like wise, the school stands for its grandeur and uniqueness.
General information:- Narmada Nursery was established in the year1978. It is recognized by the Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. It has classes from Nursery to 12th  in English as well as Hindi Medium.