Co-Curricular and Physical Activities

While some feel co-curricular and physical training activities at school enrich personality, other feel they put strain on the children. We believe in the former view which makes students mentally alert and physically fit.

Every year school celebrates its Annual Day Function. Many great personalities have been invited on this occasion viz., Hon. President R. Venkat Raman, Jagat Guru Shankaracharya Swarupa Nand Saraswati,  Chief Minister of Punjab Darbara Singh, Central  Minister of  State for Railways  Madhav Rao Scindia,  Secretary of All India Rachnatmak Samaj Smt Nirmala Deshpande, famous writer Amritlal Begad, Chief Minister of M.P. Motilal Vora, Chief Minister of M.P. Shyama Charan Shukla, Chief Minister of Delhi Smt Sheela Dixit, Governor of Gujrat- Krishnapal Singh, famous cartoonist Abid Surti and many others. President of India Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam was pleased to encourage the students by writing in his own hand, Knowledge makes you great.'

Our school is organizing Annual All India Kathak dance competition and Good hand writing competition and participants come from different parts of the country.

A National Talent Search competition is also organized annually for which the winner gets a cash prize of Rs.10, 000.This is valid for age group of 4-14 years. For this applications are invited on the National level.

Since we regard the teachers as Guide Stars of our school on Teachers Day we organize various competitions for the teachers to encourage their competitive spirit and widen horizon of knowledge.

 Social - Welfare Activities

We also take care to instill moral values in students. Moral teachings of rendering service to poor, disabled and needy people. practice of yoga, meditation, hymns etc., show the path of ethical up lift to our children. We respect all religions and hence celebrate all festivals in school without any discrimination of caste, colour or creed. Our aim is to create awareness about the Indian Culture among the students. Our students are always kept on their toes so long as they are in the school premises.
We are also running a program of (Nasha Mukti) Anti Drugs, which helps the children to learn about bad effects of drugs and we also imbibe them not to indulge into these types of anti social activities because all these are very injurious to health.

We also organize program on green revolution by planting more and more trees in different parts of City to minimize the problem of pollution.

There are periodic parents- teacher meeting in our school and parents are supposed to take advantage of these meetings in the best interest of their children.