Narmada Nursery & Maheshwari Vidya Niketan was started in 1978 under the patronage of founder  chairman  Mr. Mukund Das Maheshwari.
You will be amazed at the rapid pace at which this institution has grown in just 28 years in terms of quality and the number of students
We expect from our students discipline, respect for self and others and the motivation to achieve - at all times in all endeavors - their personal best. Indeed- our curriculum demands this.......


  • Narmada Nursery & Maheshwari Vidya Niketan, HanumanTal
  • NNMVN, Dixitpura
  • NNMVN, Ranjhi
  • NNMVN, Suhagi
  • NNMVN, Katra
  • NNMVN, Laxmipur
  • NNMVN, Garhaphatak
  • NNMVN, Shastri Nagar
  • NNMVN, Mankedi
  • NNMVN, Thakkargram